Ricardo Gonzalez

Art and community come together in “Our Hood, Our Pride.” Learn how culture blends with artistic endeavours.

Colby Roanhorse

Colby Roanhorse finds freedom in intuition. See how the wandering mind can form identity.

912 Grandville Ave Mural

Two community organizations come together to create a work of art. Find out how it changed the lives of everyone involved.

The Great Ones

Two hip hop artist unite as The Great Ones. Uncover the spark to their music.

Javier Torres

Colorful, geometric figures shape “Puzzle” as an extension of how you perceive the world to be. What will you see?

Vizions Dance Company

In dance, there is a special kind of sadness and joy to be found. Take a breath, jump in.

Ebony Road Players

A theater groups wanders with love and identity, sharing personal stories in order to heal.

Andre Daley

When heard, voice is power. Unearth why “The Cultural Box” evokes critical thought.

George Eberhardt

“Rat Race” reflects on the conflict of life and the beauty it provides.

Gueleguetza Design

Two sisters bring their hometown fashion to Grand Rapids, MI. Jump in to see why clothing is an important part of identity.

Noemi Gonzalez

Identity is like water. Fluid, changing to one’s environment. Noemi presents “Connected Through Stories.”